Synthesis from Order of Guardians

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Synthesis from Order of Guardians

Post by Elearra on Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:12 pm

The Synthesis from Order of Guardians is a set of gold equipement from around level 50 that can be upgrade to level 60 equipement

ingredients :

From merit points
From merit points
From scour dungeon, raid, salvaging purple and gold gear, demonslayer points
From demonslayer points and godmode dungeons

This NPC in south sulan gives you a quest for mentoring, see the second dialogue option to get levels. easiest is darkFall with a level 30-
upon completion it gives merit points and at the same NPC you can buy the materials

Do your dalies (The quests in the right side of the order tab in you caracter menu) until you get enougth demonslayer merit point to upgrade your demonslayer rank
once you're rank 3 you can buy mats at demonslayer merchant here
some of them require mist of sand that you get from dungeon level 45+.
some of the mats can only be buyed a certain number of time per week so be sure to buy them all before monday

Crafting and upgrading your gear require a large quantity of hematite but fortunatly you can get some very easily in multiple ways:
-mobs in scour dungeon have a chance to drop, especialy the elites
-level 45+ dungeon boss can drop too
-salvaging your purple and gold gear can give you some
-you can buy them directly with demonslayer points but those points are limited so be carefull
-you can also get them from some gift or quests but this isn't a reliable source

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